Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The UUP has made an internal, structural decision? Get me Michelle McIlveen on the phone!

So the UUP and Tories have created the joint committee that will push forward merger plans. Fair enough.

The News Letter reports this then goes on to devote one-third of its story to a statement by Michelle McIlveen which was published in full on the party website at around the same time. Why? (Or do we mean 'who'?)

Why should the by-the-numbers, repetitive bashing from the DUP necessarily be a core part of this story? Why were there no better options to get under the skin of the story? Why just take two press releases and run them together?

Why not try to get James Leslie on the line? What a perspective he could give on all this! Why not call Maginnis and put McIlveen's comment to him.

Instead of publishing the invective, why not investigate the reasoning? Y'know, that old journalism maxim of shining a light into dark corners etc. No?

Maginnis's response would undoubtedly be more readable than re-reading the same statement the DUP press office has been issuing for the past 6 months. Why is the DUP's hurt and upset necessarily part of a story about the UUP and the Tory Party? It makes no sense.

PS. We're also not sure about Michelle's reference to the 'North Down Supper Club'. Politically active centre right people in North Down amount to a supper club? Is she being rude about North Down? Or the centre right? Do Alex Easton and Peter Weir think its okay to deride centre-right voters of North Down so smugly?

Can she be serious? How will this silly, patronising cliche help the DUP to, erm, continue 'winning friends in all parties in the House of Commons'? Why must we endure all this bollocks about unionist unity when the DUP thinks the next UK government (which is not neutral on the union) is just a big supper club? And WTF is a supper club?

HINT: Press officer wot wrote that crap - total bile mate, not politics. North Down Supper Club? Seriously, do us all a favour...


Shuffling Geisha said...

Well, you realise the North Down Supper Club actually does exist and is claimed to attract "prominent Conservative speakers"?

Also on the website are details of a new blog set by Jeffrey Peel called Twitter. Tragically it is not accessible to Joe public *sob*

Staff at Bobballs said...

No, we confess. Didn’t know what the Supper Club was but thought it had the look of something official (if incredibly niche). Nonetheless it seemed to us like she was painting with a mighty big brush by characterising the entire Conservative Party in the way she did.

Anonymous said...

The Supper Club is what it says it is, the North Down Association meets monthly and invites all Conservatives and supporters to share a bite or two and listen to invited speakers and discuss whatever topics they wish.

Which is what politics should be about like minded people (and some times not)listening to and discussing political issues.

Anonymous said...

The North Down Supper Club (which I assume Jeffrey Peel, Neil Johnstone and the other local Tory on this working group avail of) actually does exist. It evokes a Hyacinth Bucket image non? Candle-light suppers and all that?

Chekov said...

And in the unlikely event that a DUP branch were to hold a table quiz (which I'd imagine might constitute gambling in the minds of a lot of its members)or perhaps more realistically a tractor pull, would that entitle us to characterise them as an organisation defined by those things?